The Belmont-Hillsboro Neighborhood Tree Canopy Program is a street planting and maintenance partnership between Belmont-Hillsboro Neighbors, Inc. and SoundForest.org.

The Program was started in 2010 when BHN was awarded a Tennessee Agriculture Enhancement Program (TAEP) Community Tree Planting matching grant from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Forestry Division. The goal of the matching grant was to improve neighborhoods urban canopy by planting trees that will grow to above 40 feet at maturity.

55 initial tree plantings were made. Since then, through the tremendous work of SoundForest.org and many neighborhood volunteers, over 500 trees have been planted in Belmont-Hillsboro.

There are many people to thank, but several key people who led the initial efforts were; Thomas Solinsky (both neighbor and SoundForest.com), Melinda Newpher, Gary Bynum, Gill Geldreich, Lindsey Trella-Moffatt, Brett Sheriff, Virginia Spini, Barbara Martin and Rita Frizzell.

The continuing efforts of the program now include under-story trees, maintenance and care of existing neighborhood trees and in some cases removal of damaged, diseased or dead trees.

The program success continues through our spring fundraising party, Wood for the ‘Hood.