The BHN Steering Committee meetings are held the second Monday of every month, except October and December. Meetings are open, and attendance of neighbors is encouraged. Meetings start at 6:30 PM.

Meeting location is Christ the King in Parish Hall. Enter from the back entrance at Parish Hall Lobby. There is ample parking and meeting space graciously provided by Christ the King.

2019 Steering Committee


Cynthia J. Hicks, President
Gill Geldreich, Vice President 
Gary Bynum, Treasurer 
Libby Carlson, Recording Secretary

Steering Committee

Nicole Ballard (2019)
Mike Brody (2019)
John Buntin (2018)
Gary Bynum (2019)
Susie Campion (2020)
Libby Carlson (2020)
Adam Carter (2020)
John Ray Clemmons*
Al Cocke (2018)
Doug Dahl (2020)
Keith Durbin*
Gill Geldreich (2018)
George Green (2019)
Cynthia J. Hicks (2020)
Tim Holman (2018)
Carol Kenner (2020)

Kristine LaLonde (2021)
Mark Lopez (2020)
Lindsey Trella Moffatt*
Bill Myers*
Melinda Newpher (2019)

Lisa O’Dell (2021)
Tracy Patterson*

Carrie Russell (2021)
Brett Sheriff (2018)
Pam Sylakowski (2019)
Gene TeSelle*
Penny TeSelle*
David Thompson*
Scott Troxel*
Nathan Turley (2020)
Bill Wiggins (2019)
Joe Woolley (2019)

*Past Presidents